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Inside Contemporary Cuban Film 2nd Delegation

The Americas Media Initiative (AMI) The Americas Media Initiative (AMI) is organizing our second Inside Contemporary Cuban Film delegation (Dec. 1 – 8) in collaboration with AC Journeys that will look at current trends in contemporary [...]

The Kitchen Journey: Cuba

Havana and Cienfuegos 10 Days CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW For customized trips, just give us a call Unknown to the general American [...]

The People’s Journey: Cuban History, Arts, and Spanish

Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad 10 Days CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW For customized trips, just give us a call The People’s Journey is [...]

Journeys of Colombia: The Environment, the Arts, and the LGBT Subcultures over a Cup of Coffee

Bogota and Quindio (Coffee Axis) 10 Days CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW Colombia is a country of contrasts. From snowy white peaks to [...]

What people are saying:

Here’s my favorite picture from our trip. (Disclaimer–I didn’t actually take this, Javon did.) I love this because I love the artwork in the picture, and the artwork that the picture reminds me of, which is all of Fuster’s work. I think the way that he has turned his art into a community project is really amazing, and it also embodies that spirit, which is so present all over Cuba, that you really don’t need money to be happy. Obviously, the Cuban economy needs to be improved, but the fact that even in such conditions people can still find ways to do things like what Fuster is doing says so much about Cuban people and culture. It’s really amazing. I also love this picture because it reminds me of the great time we all had as a group, which is something I’ll never forget.
Thanks so much for everything!
Margaret Grabar Sage, Saint Ann's School February, 2014
I want to thank you for a phenomenal week in Cuba; you created for us an itinerary that was a perfect balance of Spanish and history, or art and culture. For me, the trip was transformative–not only do I now have a much better sense of Cuba and its role in the world, but I also see the power that a simple conversation can have in overcoming barriers like those that exist between the United States and Cuba. I have already told many of my friends and all of my family that they “need” to go; and when they do, I will be sure that they go through you and throughAnthropolgie Consulting! I am attaching a photo that I took of Havana during the sunset. Every night, I was struck by how beautiful the sunset was, and by how it lit the old buildings in a golden light. It is, for me, an enduring image–and memory–of Havana. Thanks again for such a special trip–I will have great memories of it forever.
Nicholas Stewart, Saint Ann's School February, 2014

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