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January 2015

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Out with 2014 and Ahead with 2015: Cuba and US Politics Continue with Its New Old Political Games

With the advent of the New Year many people filled their lungs with hopes of change. On December 17 both President Obama and President Raul Castro announced a shift in Cuba-US relations. The reactions did [...]

November 2014

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Expanding Flight Options to Havana

This week, Cuba Travel Services announced that they will begin offering direct flights from NYC to Havana again for legal travelers to Cuba. This is great news, as it means that those living in the [...]

  • malecon

Why We Love the Malecón?

The Malecón seawall is one of our favorite places in Havana. The seawall stretches five miles along the coast of Havana from the Havana Harbor to the neighborhood of Vedado. Why do we love it [...]

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Why Cycle in Cuba?

We love cycling in Cuba. Here are our favorite reasons to hop on a bike in Cuba: 1.) Cycling is an opportunity to get the know the beauty of the rural provinces on an intimate [...]

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