Our Mission – Training Global Citizens in Citizen Diplomacy

We are currently faced with many pressing and unprecedented issues, some bringing us to the point of self-destruction. Fortunately, these global problems can be solved simply with grounded knowledge, better communication, and a heartfelt willingness to understand others through organic and sub sustainable, people-to-people experiences. As we grow immersed in a world without borders, we inherit the responsibilities of world citizens.

Educational and cultural exchanges are the way to bridge the distances between peoples. Only, through research and well-planned cultural experiences we can truly uncover other countries’ perspectives. These experiences help us to better evaluate our problems and manage them in ways that are both beneficial and long lasting in our own communities and abroad. Creating, nurturing, and maintaining communication through these bridges of world friendship is imperative when crafting new bonds with our own cultures and those of others.

Anthropologie Consulting, LLC strives to ensure that your experience is enriching and life-altering. Our programs are designed to foster permanent and long-lasting connections between our journeys’ participants and those they come in contact with. These programs are designed with the notion of organic cultures in mind. We give special consideration to what is organic to both groups coming into contact. We look at culture through the eyes of those cultures we try to understand. By doing this we are better equipped to understand why they act in a certain fashion, why they do the things they do so. With educationally geared activities in these communities we are able to attain truly substantial experiences. We then return home better equipped to implement solutions to the problems we are facing today.

Knowledge is Power. Traveling is Knowledge.

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