Our Services

In addition to accompanying the delegations as they explore a new culture, Anthropologie Consulting offers the following services:

  • One-of-a-kind of people-to-people cultural and educational programs to Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, China, and South Africa
  • A Study Leader is provided to respective delegations traveling to the aforementioned countries
  • Cuba Trip Orientations
  • Thematic Presentations
    • These presentations include an overview of the current socioeconomic status of Cubans, Cuba’s political landscape, the health system, Cuban and U.S. Relations, race, gender, and LGBT issues
  • Airport Check Assistance
  • Group Airport Transfers (from any hotel in the Miami area)
  • A guided tour of local Miami culture
    • This tour entails a seven (7) hour tour of the Cuban culture in Miami and includes: lunch or dinner at a Cuban restaurant; visit to a Cuban art gallery; and trips to some of Miami’s most iconic Cuban landmarks
  • Delegation send offs include: Cuban breakfasts, brunches , lunches, or dinners with or without presentation  

Knowledge is Power. Traveling is Knowledge.

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